Website Design

Professional, Effective Design

You need to know that your business is getting the most for its dollar. As you evaluate the value delivered by your Design Professional and website, here are a few things to consider:

Working With the Designer

Are you talking to the person who will actually do the work on your site, or to a salesman? Many ‘full service shops’ are actually little more than brokers, matching your needs with an appropriate sub-contractor. This unnecessary layer between you and the site creator can reduce design flexibility and increase the cost of your project.

Clear and Concise Navigation

When customers arrive at your site, are they faced with too many decisions? Is it clear where to find the information they need quickly?

Optimized Graphics

You may have a great looking site, but if your pages take too long to download, you are at risk of losing your customers to the competition.

Browser Compatibility

All Internet browsers are not created equal. The fact is that browser display and interpretation vary by manufacturer and even by version. Are you getting a site that will maintain the intended “look and feel” across multiple platforms?

Reliable & Secure E-Commerce

The Internet is a complex web of hardware & software. Are your customers assured peace of mind when submitting their credit card information online? Are you paired with a reputable online credit card processing service?

Dynamic Websites

Is your Web Professional purely a graphical designer or do they have the ability to create database-driven websites that you can update yourself through an admin control panel?

Hosting Services

The Internet can allow you to offer your products & services to your customers 24 hours a day, every day of the year… except when your site is down because your hosting company’s servers are down. Are you teamed with a reliable hosting company? Are they easy to contact and helpful when things go wrong?

To compliment our development services we offer a variety of Hosting packages that are value priced and packed with features, as well as maintenance plans to keep your site current without breaking the bank.

Site Promotion & Ranking

A great majority of site traffic on the Internet comes by means of Search Engine referrals. Does your site rank high on the engines? Is it continually reviewed and updated to maintain rank? Does your Website Design Professional provide you with ranking reports?

Analysis of Traffic Trends

Site Traffic Reports are a valuable marketing tool. Do you have access to this information? Do you know who is visiting your site, when they are visiting, and how often they return? What are the peak usage times? How many visits do you receive per month? What is the difference between hits and visits?